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Anonymous asked:
Is Tamaranian Robin a canon thing? Cause I've watched Teen Titans but I don't remember this. It's a really cool idea though



Not in the animated series, no. But in the ‘Teen Titans Go!’ comics, there was this issue where the Titans’ powers all got switched and Robin got Starfire’s.


I LOVE that new look. Not just the uniform but his face. Look at how happy he is! That dork! 





Anyway, when I joined the fandom, there was a lack of Tamaranean Robin and it didn’t sit well with me. I had this idea about Starfire and Robin being Tamaranean at the same time and just loving the fact. I mean, why is this not a thing? Again, look at him!


And he never use that word.

Who’s the coolest of them all?


Yeah, you say it, Robin.

(Yeaaaah, don’t ask me how he shoots eyebeams with his mask still on. What kind of mask is that, Rob?)

Best issue. 

Although you forgot this bit!image

He’s so flirty and happy. It’s adorable. 

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Anonymous asked:
Raven from teen titans in #15?



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Teen Titans

Really poorly colored group shot of my Teen Titans Daily Sketch series. Just wanted to do a color test. I’m really satisfied with all their designs, so I’m probably going to draw a real group shot of them all.

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A friend did this. I love it so much!

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the history of my life

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can i just explain why this part in birthmark hurts me a lot?

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I don’t think I wanna be saved, our song has not been sung

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Surely, being Tamaranean has its downsides especially when you’re new.

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i have been having an indescribably difficult month.

there aren’t any specific reasons. i’m not specifically special. i’m 22 and i just graduated college, and yeah i have mental/behavioral disorders, and yeah i lost my mother in november 2013, and i feel a lot of things, and i have A LOT of different things that play upon my emotions… and i’m stupidly not sure what to do… but…

i feel overwhelmingly okay. if nothing else, i feel mostly okay.

but, as of today, i have decided that this is not enough.

the special word here is *stupidly*, because i really really feel like this isn’t important at all, haha. any of you that have followed for me for a while can recognize that… idk how to take care of myself, or *be real*, or get “healthy”. yes, i’ve been on anti depressants and/or anti anxiety meds for a few years. and finally, since the end of my college career, i feel like i’m finally starting to recognize the important things. like:

in addition, personally, it’s probably important to note that alcohol hasn’t done anything positive for me specifically over the past few months. it doesn’t hurt but it doesn’t help. so maybe other things help. and so i’m gonna {as of right now-seriously} turn off of ANY BEER or wine or anything, and just focus on meditation and all that other bullshit and see how it helps. it’s important. somebody has to, and nobody knows how this works. so i will gladly experiment to see how anything affects me.

i know this probably seems super sudden. (especially because i love beer! haha.) but i am curious and excited to see how the future -completely without any alcohol whatsoever- starts to treat me. so i can’t wait to share this with you guys too; especially as a young-20 year old!

idk i just want all of you to know i’m here for you! you’re all so important to me individually. and i love you so much. so here’s me being way-too-personal, but i love you. <3

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