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for the record nir, i saw ur post and nearly died at the tags lmao

i would never hate anyone for an opinion! especially one so harmless and valid, and especially-especially when u appropriately tag things, u know/!? u feel mee?!

anyway i mostly agree anyway; most of the scenes from the original TT where bbbbrae fans like to say stuff like “LOL RAE U LUV HIM” are actually like.. usually just scenes where raven is genuinely so annoyed at bb, haha

i like the more subtle aspects, actually; the moments where normally you’d think she’d want to kill him, but she’s actually just tolerating his shit more than she normally would because she loves him (in a friendly way, or whatever, up to interpretation) and she’s just like, used to his bullshit, like “ugh this shit again” “bb i wanna fucking kill u” “why does this happen 2 me”

it doesn’t all have to be ship-tastic; i love their interactions, and i love that he pisses her off so much, and i love that he’s a big derpy boob. and they’re close, in their own special, fucked-up way

which is pretty much why i love the beastboybothersraven comics so much! they capture dat shit perfectly (except the parts where rae would likely hurt bb afterwards)

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